Thursday, January 28, 2021

Kitchen Studio

Past couple of days I've spent a few hours parked at the kitchen at Great Aunt Dolly's old Glaswegian table, a generic 1930s chunk of wood that survived a flood in Camberwell, and that has had many purposes in its long life. These days, it's heaped with music tech stuff, much of which I haven't used much because I'm mostly working in audio rather than programming.

The computer keeps overloading and I have to burrow into it from time to time in order to delete the big files that are taking up space, especially if I get sent a big loud track to work on. I've discovered that my SM58 microphone compresses the vocal really nicely, whereas the posh one is so lively it blows my eardrums out if I'm not careful.

I'm working out good tricks to get the vocals sounding good, and a subtraction method of editing- not having too much on the track. This is all very absorbing. My focus now is on getting a good Spanish guitar sound. Partly what would help would be playing it properly, so I'm off to practice that right now.

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