Saturday, September 23, 2017

Nasty Women: End Violence Against Women

I would like to write a really long posting about this well-attended, buzzy and brilliant evening but the Universities are back and I'm immersed in preparing stuff for the next three days. The comedy section was really enjoyable, especially Harriet Braine who did the most hilariously awful impression of Kate Bush that I've ever heard and who could also play trumpet with her lips in a way that I've only heard the Scottish songwriter Scott MacDonald do before.
Deux Furieuses did a set without the drum kit (they are playing at the Water Rats on 10th November if you'd like to see them in full flow), but their music was still powerful and energetic. Feral Five did a superb cover of Germ Free Adolescence, and just get better and better. Kat did a great job of organisation as well, which must have made it all the more rewarding to get such a great reception. DJ-ing was provided by Ms Mohammed, and all in all it was a warm-hearted and very energising night at a fantastic venue- where else could you go out the back and see a family of swans puttering about in the canal, and where else can you see upside down flowerpots hanging from the ceiling?
The whole point of the evening was never far from people's focus, and the art exhibition with the scary Trump cake was fascinating to look around. The whole weekend was a success and the organisers should be bloody proud of it.
Thank you to everyone in the audience for your lusty backing vocals on The Sea, too.

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