Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Mission Possible

Bloody hell! What a day! After two years, I finally got the windows cleaned, which involved rising at 6.45 not just today but also yesterday, because the company sent the same email twice, with the change of day tacked on to the end of the first one. It was painless, though: a bit like cleaning your teeth, only the house. I can see out! Nothing special to look at but if there was, I'd be able to see it.

Next, I hot-footed it to Stratford with the books I had to return to the University library, filming parts of the journey on the way for a video that me and Robert are going to make for one of our songs. I don't look nice at that time in the morning and some of the selfie-footage will have to end up on the cutting room floor, especially the bit where I thought I was going to miss the train and started running, my copious jowls rippling in the breeze.

I travelled on the overground: I haven't been under ground on a tube since March. The germs! No thanks! So it's a two mile walk each way, which is why I felt perfectly OK about eating an enormous quantity of Doritos when I got back, and actually (rather nicely) a Pret-a-Manger sandwich, something I've been missing a lot.

Luckily the 'lost' library book that had kept me awake all night was stuffed under some papers on my desk. I also was able to pick up a working keyboard and mouse. The kittens I had, thinking that my copy of Logic was totally screwed, until I remembered that I'd swapped the work keyboard that doesn't do full stops and the work mouse that needs two clicks before it springs into action, with the music computer. As soon as they returned to the music computer, all was calm, happy and working. I also picked up about six books from my deserted office that I need for teaching, which meant my backpack was exceptionally heavy, and I clumped the two miles back from the station like a toddler just learning how to walk. 

And so now I am a woman in pain!

I still have work to do... contracts to fill in, that sort of thing. Do you think I could leave them till tomorrow?

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