Wednesday, September 11, 2019

A Full Day

Oh God. Up at 6.30 to rush to Docklands for a course that started 45 minutes late and ran out of coffee!
Then to Stratford to show a prospective student round the studios, after eating a sandwich on the go that squirted its contents out all over the place, as I tried to eat it like the delicate lady I am, and carrying a cup of coffee that splashed through the little hole in its lid all over the place.
Then home to listen to some new masters that have been de-essed, to send back to the cutting engineer at the vinyl manufacturers.
And then a spurt of writing lyrics, for verily I'm recording next Tuesday and things are looking busy till then: more writing tomorrow, another article has turned up for corrections, some marking, some social life, some writing of student schedules for the very-soon-to-begin term.


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