Sunday, March 01, 2015


It's a competitive world in music shops
I went into one with a male music friend not so long ago and he made an enquiry about a 400-watt amp, light as a feather, easy to carry and with a great valve sound.
The shop guy looked embarrassed and competitive in equal measure.
'Never heard of it! Are you sure?', he tried.
[you must be imagining it, you twat]
'Yes; they are made in Wales', said my male music friend.
[and don't call me a twat in your head, you twat]
'I'll look it up on the internet!' challenged the shop guy.
[and then we'll see that they don't exist, you twat]
Tippity-tap-tap went the fingers on the computer keyboard.
As the shop guy watched the company website materialise in front of his eyes, and he realised that the 400-watt amp, light as a feather and with a great valve sound made in Wales actually existed, his ego shrank to 200 watts.
He was standing next to a 400-watt customer.
Silently, two other shop guys appeared at his side, 200 watts each, to peer at the company website with him.
600 watts of shop guy versus 400 watts of customer.
But I don't think the victory was theirs, do you?

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