Wednesday, February 04, 2015

The Cold Walk

After completing a research interview with someone in Wandsworth (a much-appreciated interview: having this amount of goodwill more than makes up for the complete lack of funding I've had), I headed for Crouch End with a fistful of posters for Club Artyfartle and a slab of chilly Blu-Tack to stick 'em up with. Some Cafes were snotty (last time I do a free gig for you, guys) but most were great, although I had to put most of them at canine-eye level because of general poster congestion.
I expect to see a lot of dogs at The Boogaloo on 16th.
I walked up the hill to Highgate to put some more up, but the hill had grown considerably since the last time I went up it in a car. Puce-faced, I put a couple up at The Boogaloo and one in the amazing vintage guitar shop on Highgate Road. By then, I was so cold that I didn't even look at the amazing vintage guitars.
This is old-fashioned local publicity for a local gig.
Here is a newfangled ticket link to click on if you'd like to come to a lovely intimate gig with Martin Stephenson, Amy Corcoran, Pete Astor (who used to be in The Loft and The Weather Prophets) and me, on Monday 16th February at The Boogaloo in Highgate:

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