Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Spiders and Flies

Yesterday a bluebottle was bumbling around in the kitchen. It must have been asleep for the winter, and something woke it up. It followed the light round the house and was being a nuisance. Martin phoned and suggested that I should lure it into the Offsprogs' room for the night by switching all the lights off and leaving a light on there. It worked, and I closed the door. This morning, I opened the door and it flew downstairs. I think it's gone back to sleep again.
Then, rather weirdly, when Dr No and myself were approaching the barrier at South Kensington tube to come home, she almost walked into a gigantic spider that was swinging on a ten foot long line of web from the high ceiling of the station. I pulled her out of the way just as she was about to walk into it, and although she said she didn't mind spiders I still felt that she'd had a remarkable escape. It really was enormous, and very wiggly indeed.

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Anonymous said...

Did you 'Kill' that harmless Fly!