Saturday, January 10, 2015


January is for taking stock and planning. It's also for marking (groogh) and a bit of socialising too.
I went to The Institute of Sexology at the Wellcome building yesterday: great cafe, poorly curated exhibition. It was all bits and pieces and didn't know what it was. As with every exhibition, it had some moments of saving grace: I liked the cabinet full of neatly lined up dead wasps and I've always liked the miniature ceramic fruits from their own permanent exhibition that have tiny erotic scenes inside them. But I don't like boxes that you look inside, little videos on walls and big shouty videos that you can hear all the way through the exhibition, mixed in with things in cabinets.
One thing or the other is best; but that's probably just me.
The apple and salted caramel biscuits were just perfect, though.

The planning: well, everything is always slow. I completed half an interview on Wednesday for my research, followed by meeting up with Carol Alevroyianni, who came to talk to the students at the University of the East about employability and taught me rather a lot in the process too.
It's amazing how you become buried in other people's definitions of who you are and what you are able to do, and how rarely you think of bursting out of this bubble.

A chap from Viva mag in Brighton interviewed me very briefly yesterday. I think they will be doing something on Joby and the Hooligans/The Vault later this month and I'll post when it is. They are a local magazine that combines writing about local issues with historical stuff and John Helmer, formally of The Piranhas, writes for them too.

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