Monday, June 30, 2014


Odd that when I don't post anything for a while, more people read this blog. There's no rational reason to explain that at all.
I am having a quiet night in; no TV, no noise.
McMum was cremated on Friday, a small ceremony with close family which was exhausting and intense. I do feel that between us my sister and myself (and in particular, my sister) made sure that McMum's last ten days were dignified and serene. Our youngest brother was with her when she died which is probably exactly what she wanted.
Thankfully, the Friar's Carse Songwriting Weekend followed and it was good therapy to be busy again, helping people to write lovely songs with the lush green trees around us and the bright blue sky above us. The weekend before, the lovely people on the Premises Songwriting course were also a pleasure to work with.
I came home to a CD on the doormat from my dear friend Dubulah and I will listen to that tomorrow.
It will be strange not to be making the 400-mile commute to Edinburgh; often, the trip was a swerve eastwards from something in Glasgow or northwards from something in Newcastle. I wonder whether Edinburgh will become a stranger?
There is such a lot to catch up on. I must start that now.


buster said...

If you didn't watch TV last night you missed this :
It will be on the internet though.

Helen McCookerybook said...

Thank you Buster!