Friday, February 28, 2014

Skiffle Listening

I'm listening to the skiffle mixes, the Sam Phillips effect well under operation.
Listening to mixes is a raw experience; you become hyper-critical of your own part in the proceedings without necessarily considering what else is going on. I cringed at some points on first listen- where I'm out of tune, or my voice sounds 'metallic'- but these are first take live recordings of songs hot off the press, and second listen isn't quite so excruciating!
The overall sound is great- just what I wanted- percussive and very much alive. Hats off to the guys for giving 100% energy over the weekend and for being straightforward to work with and very, very talented.
Headphone listen next....

Below: with Colin Mee, rockabilly engineer extraordinaire; in the garden, the instruments get a breath of fresh air; the Geordinaires: John Cavener, Jim Hornsby, Martin Stephenson and Colin Mee; well-earned tea break and Greggs run. Top two pix Juan Fitzgerald; lower two, yours truly.

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