Friday, November 29, 2013

The Escaping Book

I bought a copy of the Day the Country Died, which is a book about anarchy punk by Ian Glasper, in the summer. I left it on the tube, along with my lyrics book, and never got it back in spite of harassing the Lost Property Office for months.
Eventually I realised that I would have to buy a new copy. I have been asked to contribute a chapter to a book on the subject and I need the book in order to get the details right.
Alas, when I got to work this morning I realised that I had lost the new copy.
I charged across town and luckily found it in the coffee shop!
For some reason, that book does not want to belong to me.


Cazz Blase said...

I skim read the Ian Glasper books in the British Library in September inbetween fanzines and enjoyed them. I'm currently reading the Tony Beesley three on Sheffield, Doncaster and Rotheram punks. They're really good! And often very funny.

Helen McCookerybook said...

That's interesting Caroline. I always wondered if anyone has written about the Scottish Punks.
I hope all is well with you- good luck with your new projects!