Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Singing, Half Moon

Martin and the Jims Hornsby and Morrison turned in fine performances yesterday evening at the the Half Moon, Putney.
They had been to record a session for Bob Harris at the BBC and they reported that Whisperin' Bob was charming and very nice. While they were waiting, they made coffee for Jaws (the James Bond villain) and Britt Ekland who were waiting to be interviewed by Steve-Wright-in-the-afternoon.
They also did an impromptu gig in the University of Westminster cafe, I believe, which would have added a bit of froth to the collective cappucinos.
Unforchly, I had teaching duties but I met them later at the gig.
The venue has been done up and its fortunes have revived, and there was a warm and welcoming crowd there. I played a few songs before the guys went on (thanks Andrew Bailey for the photo!). The sound was crystal clear (good sound engineer) and Martin's set with the Jims was sublime. He played Steel Strings, which I have never heard live before, and also a beautiful and affecting version of Spirit Child. The Jims played sensitively and never bullied the songs off stage and it was nice to see them laughing at Martin's jokes, sometimes rather helplessly.
Martin is at the top of his game as a performer and is surrounded at the moment with some amazing musicians, whether with The Daintees or Jims (including Cole on banjo when he's around)
Long may it continue and it was lovely to hang out with everyone this weekend.
* Hats of to the Half Moon- nice staff, great food, fab sound and AMAZING TOILETS! Hear that 93 Feet East and the 12 Bar?

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