Friday, September 14, 2012

Kate Bush and Writing

Writing... writing... working with Gina, amidst drinking coffee and talking: it's always invigorating!
And I was trying to learn the words of Babooshka to fly free of paper at the Under the Influence Kate Bush night on Monday (The Boogaloo, Highgate). I've given up, but I think I understand now why I find it so difficult to learn the lyrics of some songs (even my own when I am using particular vocabulary). If the words are not in your own groove, your own familiar lingo, it's as difficult as learning them in French or German.
Offsprog Two's Bestival cold is crashing around in my throat like a jackdaw caught down a chimney. Begone! I have to sing in Huddersfield tomorrow and I've already lost Primary Fingernail One as a casualty of poor summer diet....

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A Doctor/GP said...

Re. Broken Nails.
Perhaps you should be taking: Vitamin Tabs. They are a good source of Vitamin/Protein/Minerals for those not eating a healthy diet!