Friday, September 14, 2012

Guitar Etc

I'm sitting in bed playing my guitar getting ready for the Huddersfield Keys gig tomorrow. It's an amazing place and Andy and Tina are fantastic promoters who radiate goodwill. I might play a new song and also some that I haven't played for a while.

I got an email from Hollie Cook today (she is a really good singer who used to sing with the Slits). Joly, who used to run Better Badges on Portobello Road, heard one of my songs and wrote to me to say that I should send it to Hollie because she's recording an album. So I did, because I want to write songs for other people to sing. Although she has already decided which songs she wants to use, she was gracious enough to write back and say thank you. Old fashioned good manners like that make the sun come out! I will, of course, get hold of her new album and review it in due course.

Put the date 28th October in your diaries, you London readers. On that Sunday afternoon the rare Club Artyfartle will be raising its beautiful head and Acton Bell and I will be joined by singers Lucinda Sieger and Magnetic Paul to showcase an all-new songfest. Time: 2.30 p.m. Place: The Lexington. We will be joined by Joan Ashworth who will be talking about her pinhole photography project. There may well be a procession. It will be free to get in but we'll be passing round a Tip Hat in case you want to show your appreciation!

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Anonymous said...

Was it an electric guitar or acoustic, be careful because if it gets wet, it could "Shock-You"