Thursday, May 03, 2012

Songlab East

Last night's Songlab had the dreamy quality of a 60s happening: illustration students drifted around with huge sheets of paper, there to draw the sound but sometimes in a world of their own.
We performed a shambolic version of Barbie Girl on ukelele and tin whistle (I have the blistered thumb to prove it!); Sarah Leo provided some delightful trip hop-inspired music (lovely musicians, especially the aloof grumpy female drummer who played expertly on a snare drum and a severely cracked cymbal); star of the night though was undoubtedly Mr Solo, accompanied by Mr Wolf on  a large and very shiny French Horn.
It turns out that in another life, Mr Solo is David Devant and His Spirit Wife. He had a suitable blend of surrealism, children's entertainer and David Bowie that wowed the biggest crowd we've had yet at one of these events- and wowed me too.
I would say onwards and upwards, but a very famous and rich musician who should be ashamed of himself said that when he realised we couldn't afford to pay his huge fee for a visit to talk to the students, so he refused to come.
Backwards and downwards? I don't think so... let's just say, here's to the future! The way to beat our cruel and miserable masters is to fight them with optimism, creativity and imagination- so there!
Off to vote (and not for evil Boris!)

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