Thursday, May 31, 2012

Masters Approved

It was a matter of some missing castanets... they are there now, and I am about to write the blurb for the CD cover.
Just sent off for some Barbaraville badges, featuring the llama. Think they'll look good.
Went to four meetings yesterday to catch up with it all... the best one was the last one, saying thank you to the interns who have worked so hard for us at Songlab UEL. We met for tea and cakes in the Patisserie Valerie in Old Compton Street and my friend Fred the Dance Tutor popped by to return two huge bags of his marking. I had a very gummy strawberry tart and did not need to eat for the rest of the evening! We have Songlab badges too and wore them while we revalidated our course and they brought us good luck.

I've been up since six this morning marking (and re-marking: sick people shouldn't try to work!) loads more work and I believe I may have almost finished.

Good: I can watch the documentary on Smithfield Market tonight. The one on Billingsgate last week was genius and restored my faith in not only television, but also Londoners (try living here if you don't already; we are suffocating with the Jubilee and then we have the Olympics with its crowds, crime and inevitable transport disasters).
Roll on later this year when we can get back to normal which come to think of it, is probably riots. Oh God...
Years ago, sick of work, I took the afternoon off, got a licence and photographed the butchers at Smithfield. I did an embroidery of the poor upside-down pigs, all pink flesh glowing through their little white vests, legs apart and sprouting up into the air. They looked so like Degas paintings of ballerinas at the barre with their legs akimbo, I found it poignant. Somewhere, buried in this blog, there's a photo of them.
Now perhaps... or maybe next week... plan a trip to the USA, to the birthplace of my wonderful Gran, in Vermont. First proper holiday in God only knows how long. We deserve it!

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