Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Going DIY

For my next trick... well, next release anyway, I'm going DIY again. Voxpop Puella is in the last stages of being mastered and will be off soon to be pressed up as a limited edition digipack, with a cover designed by Offsprog One and numbered one to a hundred. It's the songs that I toured in about 2001, seven songs and an instrumental, which accompanied films by seven women film makers I plan to have some fun with programming this summer although the kitchen, which is doubling up as an office and studio, will have to swing between being a studio and hosting Offsprog Two's soup parties. I'm sure the kitchen will cope.


foolish girl said...

Wow you're on a roll Helen, great stuff, looking forward to hearing it..xx

foolish girl said...

ooh put one aside for me if they sell like hot cakes please.. Have a fab weekend..xx