Friday, May 11, 2012


I am awaiting the mastered versions of the Voxpop Puella songs, which should with any luck arrive tomorrow morning. It is going to be a mini-project of 100 signed albums, out some time at the end of June, and I will be disguised as a robot on the cover, of course.
There are two more such projects- the songs from Herms (my version of hymns) and also some electronic soundtracks that I did in the early 2000s, one of which ended up on TV as part of an animation in which red-haired people strike back at those who mock them. I had to imitate Cilla as part of that job, very poorly, I must confess.
Then it will be time to find someone to release the Helen and the Horns Peel sessions.

I have been to Hackney this afternoon to interview Barney Green, who dreamed up the Hackney Carers' Songwriting Project. I'm doing a presentation about it at work next Friday and what he said was very interesting and thoughtful. He is going to put their songs up on Soundcloud soon so people can hear them. I still listen to them a lot: there was something very special about those songs. It is lovely working with songwriters at the best of times, but to find such gems hidden in people that never expected to be able to do it, well, that's amazing!

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