Wednesday, May 11, 2011

The Sex Pistols

I found these in a box: I used to work at Better Badges, and I think these were rejects from the Sex Pistols badges that they were manufacturing.
I think they look fantastic like this- eat yer heart out Andy Warhol!


foolish girl said...

Kate Mo-dette used to work there. I visited her once I remember, tiny place in Portobello Road wasn't it?

Helen McCookerybook said...

It was a tumble-down house on Portobello road with a couple of badge machines for short runs on the first floor and the design room on the top floor. I loved working there because so many interesting people called in. Joly, who ran it, printed one of the comics I edited and I asked him if I could work there when I came to London from Brighton.
I don't think Kate was there at the same time- one of the singers from the Tesco Bombers was, though.

pete said...

great post,ive created a link from my blog to this page,is that ok?