Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Helen and the Horns Vinyl

I have just been to empty the storage unit for once and for all.
The living room is stacked with boxes of albums and a large box of baby clothes (ahhh!)
I have also retrieved the last 150 vinyl copies of the Helen and the Horns album.
£10 inc p & p if anyone wants one (that's mostly p & P BTW) email or do a Paypal at that email address.
I was touched that a chap offered to help me pack my car (there are eleven quite heavy boxes here)
I am going to put a lot of my old albums on eBay shortly: I have some Ian Carr ones that I can live without, but I can't live without the reggae and the disco, which will soon be blasting out of my cobbled-together speakers when I bring my Technics turntable back from work.

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