Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Calm Down Dear

I have decided to name Friday's paper after the David Cameron gaffe that revealed so much about his attitude to women. His homage to Michael Winner was unfortunate to say the least.
Halfway through this morning's writing I realised that I could actually have done the whole presentation in sound: perhaps next time!
It is amazing me how much material there is in those original recorded interviews. Because I had no idea what I might discover, I tried to discover everything. The stories are so interesting: Mavis Bayton's mad singing headmistress, Rachel Dolly Mixture's love for The Nolans that bestowed a blessing on John Walters' disparaging comment that their only Peel session sounded 'like the Nolans', and he wouldn't book them again!
On Friday I went to re-interview Gina; we interviewed each other on film for the documentaries she's making. She told me that I probably articulate a lot more than I think I do, and said that I have this in common with Vivien Goldman.
All I can say is that as time passes I become an ever more passionate advocate for the achievements of the women punk musicians, many of whom are coming to an age when they can celebrate those achievements and understand just exactly how important their experiences and creativity are.
Poly's album is on it's way, and I am very excited!

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