Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Snowdrops and Other Gardening

Thank you for the snowdrop bulbs Adrian- I am almost looking forward to next winter!
This year I have lots of blue hyacinths and blue irises, just coming into flower.
A long time ago I had some weird greenish veined irises from the Botanic Gardens shop in Edinburgh, but the slugs gobbled them up; I couldn't find any this year so I thought I would have a blue spring garden, and I am hoping the gentians will flower too. And of course there are the little brown tartan fritillaries.
I have seed potatoes and sort of canvas vegetable pots to plant them in; carrots, which I will grow in pots, and hanging basket tomatoes, at Anne's suggestion. The courgettes I grew in a gro-bag last year were brilliant so I got more seeds this year too.
Muddy hands, muddy feet, muddy face: here's to tiny-dark-courtyard gardening!

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