Saturday, May 08, 2010

Last Tracks of New Album

It has been a very busy three weeks, what with visiting the students from the University of the East at their work placements, drawing Medea (Persis-Jade is sending me the finished comic to look at: good luck to them in Brazil!), assessing the songs from the students at the University of the West, staring to mark thesis work, various gigs...
Variety is the spice of life, and I am not a bum-on-seat-watch-TV-person (unless it's a really good cop show or the news).
I tried to watch Gareth Malone's sea shanty programme last night  but it was too much Gareth and not enough sea shanty: it felt very lazy, as so much time was given over to what Gareth felt and so little to actual music. If they had researched it properly they could have found some fringe sea shanty music- Admiral's Hard, perhaps.
Or even just given the actual singers more airtime, or gone to the National Sound Archive to give it all a historical perspective.
But no: Gareth wandered in his anorak, pontificating. What a shame!
The choirs programme where he went in to a comprehensive and motivated lots of grumpy shouty teenagers was fabulous, and I suppose I expected a similar amount of energy and charisma.
And here I am, doing an all-about-me blog. I am so hypocritical, I should be a politician!

Shortly, I will be making my way to Newcastle, where I am finishing off the first-take album, just vocal and one guitar, very simple and very scary t do. When I listened to the whole thing, I sounded tired on three songs so I'm going to do those ones again. I hope I don't sound tireder!

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Anthony Collett-Monty said...

What was Persis Jade's comic book titled? I normally read Gentlemens "Top Shelf" magazines!