Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cleggaron and Cameregg, Dum and Dee: Dum-Dee-Dum!

A fellow detainee from the Speed Awareness Course sped past me breaking the speed limit on my way home.
C'est la vie!

What news?
Chuck Warner is putting the finishing touches on two CDs on the Messthetics label, a label that specialises in releasing DIY stuff.
One is Let's Talk about Prams (named after a brilliant track by Norwich's Vital Disorders), and the other is a Bournemouth-to-Brighton 1978-82 compilation.
I have got the paperback rights to the Lost Women of Rock Music, and I am hoping to sign a contract for a revised edition soon.
I have just finished drawing a CD cover for Roberto Cassani and I'll be sending him the drawing tomorrow: I hope he likes it!
Martin has sent me some notes on the songs I recorded on Monday and I'm going to blend them with mine and send them off for a bit of fine-tuning (quite liderally)
My iPhone has broken, so if I normally phone you and haven't, that's why. A new one is coming on Monday, meaning I have to stay in and mark assignments all day.
Huff Puff.

It's sorely tempting to write a cheesy duet for Cleggaron (Cameregg?).
They are the boy-band of politics, bashfully smiling at each other and flicking dust (or could it be dandruff?
Where's the Head and Shoulders?) off each other's lapels with a coy grin.
At any moment I expect a massive orchestra swell, and they will turn to the cameras and sing a sincere ballad called This Thing Is Bigger Than Both Of Us.
The assembled hacks and lackeys will join in a rousing chorus, and life will be declared a joke as the credits roll.

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