Tuesday, September 25, 2018

First She-Punks Screening, November 10th in London!


Following in the Footsteps of the Coelocanth

On a nature programme on TV years ago, divers searched for the rare fish, the Coelocanth, in the Indian Ocean. Fishermen told them tales of spotting them very occasionally in their nets.
After a lot of searching, deep deep down in the murky waters, they finally found one, and filmed it with an underwater camera.
Surprised and frightened, the Coelocanth didn't know what to do, so it stood on it's head.

Over the past couple of weeks I have felt under attack for various reasons. Apart from being very wearing, it is also extremely stressful to be embroiled in situations where I am powerless to act, especially when previous bullying behaviour has reared its ugly head again. Scotland was a very welcome break from all of this, but I came back to worse.
So I bought some hideous pink, magenta and baby blue cowboy boots from T K Maxx, and some violet hair dye to match.
If I'm going to be a cowering wreck, let me be at least a colourful cowering wreck. Standing on my head to follow, inspired by the Coelocanth.

Photo: Ikan-Purba

Monday, September 24, 2018

Oh Deer

Home Again

It took 12 hours to get back yesterday, which was less that it was meant to. A train from Edinburgh was cancelled and the one before it left late; luckily I managed to rush on to it just before it left. Big squash, reading the world's worst crime novel, so bad that I read the whole book wondering if it was a pastiche of an awful crime novel before noticing that it was a Sunday Times Number One best-seller.

It feels as though I've been away for a million years.
Big thanks to Anne and her family, and to Sot for organising the gig. I really, really enjoyed it.
Back in the deep end today- and how! I am just reflecting on things.

We photographed each other. Thank you, Scotland, too. I miss you.

Friday, September 21, 2018


It's a morning in the library, starting work on an academic article. At the moment the writing feels like a plane with no wings, huffing along the tarmac not wanting to take off.
Before hitting the keyboard, the whole thing seemed impossible, but I'm used to that now.
You have to choose the right moment to feel motivated to start (fear of the deadline is not something that works for me). Sometimes it's a little gleam of an original take on the subject, others it's anger, and sometimes it's sheer practicality: nobody has said this yet in this way, and this will be the first time.
I've done a thousand words, which is a milestone on the way to six thousand. The plane has wings but  it's a long way from take-off.
The subject? Danger, Anger and Noise in Punk (women, of course). I'm glad to be writing about other things now because it's better when life moves forwards rather than backwards, but I can see that this collection of essays is going to be of interest to a great many people, just like our film.
News on the first screening of the final version will be coming very soon indeed!

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Sidling Up To the Royal Train

Newcastle had positively sunbathing weather. Catching up with old friends, sometimes unexpectedly, made me leave the toon with a big grin on my face; likewise Glasgow, although yesterday morning came in with the lamb and went out with a pack of howling hyenas.
There were no trains going anywhere, so Kenji and Till came to the rescue and drove into town. So many people were stranded, including a poor woman with a toddler and a baby in a pram. 'Make other arrangements', they said. That's OK for rich people, but not everyone can afford a hotel room. I wonder how she managed?

The flat was leaking like a sieve, but Till made lovely food and we talked our heads off. This morning the lamb was back, and the train north passed the Royal Train at Blair Atholl.

This time last year we were scattering Mum's ashes at Tummelbridge, and wandering through the streets of Pitlochry marvelling at the Christmas decorations. It seems like a hundred years ago.

Taking Off In Storm Ali

Through storms so strong my guitar flew off but didn't take me with it: was hoping for a Mary Poppins moment. Ullapool on Saturday with the mighty Shrew!

Sunday, September 16, 2018

At The Alhambra

Recording at Tom's, 2007

Bitter Springs at the Water Rats

Great evening. I was very sorry to miss The Oldfield Youth Club, but enjoyed Idiot Son a lot (really good songs, and a trumpet melts my heart every time I hear one).
Bitter Springs were completely on form and played some songs from their new (tenth) album to a rapturous reception from the audience.
Vic tells me his new album is coming out soon, too.
Cheered up both me and Champagne Friend. We both needed it.