Monday, June 08, 2020

Trapped and Angry

A flood of people have taken to the streets: the tipping point has been reached.
Successive governments (all Tory) have dumped on everyone who isn't a privileged straight white male, basically.
Eventually it had to come.
News channels and social media are buzzing with fury, and so are the streets. All that fluffy stuff about being kind has evaporated, all that 'neighbours clapping for the NHS'.
The fuzzy feel good ads on TV seem more and more redundant. In fact, as soon as Dominic Cummings 'went to Durham', that was the end of goodwill and into that vacated space, marched anger.
It is massively impressive to see this uprising of oppressed people. Trapped at home by the pandemic, I feel frustrated at not being there to join them, and agitated because I fear for them all. They are brave, but they feel like that because they have nothing to lose.
And who should come seeping out of the cracks but Tommy Robinson, always ready for a fight. He gets a large personal income boost from every conflict he stirs and inflames so here he is, thugs at the ready.
Meanwhile, I try to learn as much as I can and listen as much a I can, so that I can understand as much as possible. I'm keeping off Twitter now. There's no point in e-conflicts. I feel that it is better to talk to people face to face about the things that matter.

What should be soothing at home is utterly frustrating. Making music! I lost an entire mixed songs-worth of audio files yesterday and have spend most of today trying to reconstruct it, with everything else that was going to happen having to be pushed to one side. If my head hadn't already been full of buzzing bees, the added buzzing wasps make it feel as though there's a road drill going on in there. It's time to stop and get some fresh air, medicine for the soul.


Wilky of St Albans said...

Hey! I'm a privileged straight white male.


At least the protestors have the privilege of being able to protest without being shot (YET!). We have a government that: is led by a man with an immense sense of entitlement; a puppet master who defies description; and has a large majority. They can do what they damn well like as long as they do what their voters want. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.

Helen McCookerybook said...

Hi Wilky! It is good to be able to know yourself in what is an uncomfortable time for those of us with privileges (me included). Better still to join the campaign in some active way, whether that means donating to a cause that needs support, reading Black British history from Black British writers, or joining protests when you feel safe to do so. This isn't a personal campaign about ordinary individuals, but a call for social change that embraces everyone that is prepared to commit to it. As a society we have seen a blatant expression of the disregard our governments have for the people that they have been elected to govern. I'm just off to buy Akala's book, Natives.