Friday, May 15, 2020

Watching Out For Dogs

The giant size baby Egyptian Goslings are so brave that they can walk right up to you without being afraid. Mother Egyptian Goose and Mr Egyptian Goose hate dogs after someone let a Jack Russell jump into the pond and scare them, so they stand guard. Mr Egyptian Goose honks 'Dog, dog, dog, dog' if anyone walks past with a dog, even on a lead, and Mother Egyptian Goose takes the goslings straight into the pond.
Did I tell you about the stupid man who brought a pedigree cat on a lead, just to scare them?
Anyway, here they were yesterday with Mr Egyptian Goose in the background standing guard. 
It's getting tense. 
We know there's a hungry fox about and we want the goslings to grow up and fly away: we really do.

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