Saturday, March 07, 2020

Nottingham and London Bridge

Life sure has thrown me some sh*t (very little of which makes its way on to this blog), but there are also some unique adventures that make me celebrate being alive.

I believe in compassion. A few years ago I met Caroline Kerr and learned about the Bras Not Bombs initiative she had set up. It is a simple idea: she provides clean, new underwear to refugees so they have at least some dignity and hygiene even when everything else around them is so terrible.

I know for some people, kindness like this is regarded as a weakness; the refugees who are displaced by the bombs that we manufacture in Britain and sell to psychopathic despots to clear out their populations don't seem like any responsibility of ours, do they?

I completely reject the silo mindset that thinks one group of people are special and another aren't. History tells us this is a lie; scientific and cultural progress have always involved communication and collaboration.

I can't write much (I've just deleted a major rant, you lucky things!) because I'm going to Nottingham today to show the film and play my songs at Caroline's celebration of International Women's Day. There are a lot of us headed that way to play music, show films and generally congregate to support Bras Not Bombs.

If you live nearby, please come along and lend your support.
It is such a good, kind, compassionate cause. Here is the ticket link:

Tomorrow I'll be playing some records with guest musician Rhoda Dakar on ResonanceFM at 4.30 p.m. , again to celebrate International Women's Day.
It's the splendid polymath Jude Cowan's initiative, and the whole day of programming from dawn till dusk is unusual and vibrant- do tune in if you can!

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