Monday, January 06, 2020

January Song 4 U

I loved this CD cover, designed by Emerald Moseley.
January in Paris a melancholy song of loss and lovelessness.
I'm not sad any more, and there's no sadness left in any of my memories of Paris, either.
I have learned that whether or not you're in a relationship, your happiness has to come from within. You can't solve anyone else's problems, nor can they solve yours; and nor should you, and nor should they.
It has been an enormous relied to realise this!
I travelled to Paris for the day this summer, because there wasn't time for a proper holiday. I put on my best party dress, got up early and caught the Eurostar. I spent part of the time at the Philharmonie visiting the Music Technology exhibition, then did a random Metro journey and found a secret garden beside a canal leading to the Seine.
It was a magical thing to do, and rather gave me the bug for spontaneous solo travels!

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