Thursday, August 08, 2019

A Pointless Day

Under the weather, I slept beyond it being possible to do what was supposed to happen today.
No Nile Rogers for me.
It might be called being tired.
Last night I went to Pete Astor's celebration of finishing his album of covers at the Betsey Trotwood, which sounded very good over the Betsey speakers, then upstairs for Darren Hayman, the second time this week (I went on Monday too; I love to see what's on the musical landscape).
It was full last night and I appreciated the songs a lot more. The blend of vintage technology and Telecaster sounds lovely.
I wish I had a better camera, maybe something to think about before I plunge into penury and lentils in September.
Back to pointlessness, which I have to say is rather nice.

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