Thursday, November 29, 2018

Lucie's Lounge on Saturday

A photograph from Lucie's Lounge on Saturday: Bella, who makes art from slender stems of wire and who talked about her art (she has work in the open studios at Eel Pie Island this coming weekend); Robin Irene Moss, a songstress visiting from New York who sings of sibling love and rivalry and damaged butterflies; Lucie, the world's best rhythm guitarist (seriously), and me. The evening also featured the wonderful percussionist Sandira Michael who played along with Lucie with great verve and subtlety. The Bloomsbury Tavern's upstairs room, where Lucie runs her night, is a little jewel suspended above Shaftesbury Avenue; outside, sirens pierce the misty air and the London evening traffic roars through the streets. Inside, the fairy lights are up already and we sing along to Lucie's songs setting aside our cares for the night. Lovely.

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