Monday, November 05, 2018


How sad it is. I was talking about you this afternoon Joby, about that silly cul-de-sac you lived in with those idiots who sent you to jail for playing your music loudly all the time. And the time we went up to Sussex University with our guitars and begged Johnny Thunders and the Heartbreakers' manager to let us play a few songs at the beginning of the evening, and he said no, so we got really drunk and then he changed his mind and we got up on stage and you sang in one key, Steve played in another and I couldn't even see the fretboard of the bass and they pulled the plugs on us!

Back there in the punk times there were a lot of horrible and harmful people about but you always, always treated me with respect.
It was the best fun being in a band with you, and getting into scrapes and out of them again.
You were a proper chum and I am very glad never to have lost touch with you.
You were funny, fearless, bonkers and dangerous all rolled up into one.
I will never forget you clenching your arse in those tan tights with no pants when you hit the high notes- the bass player sees it all from the back of the band!
Sending you more love than you can possibly imagine Joby.
Rest in peace, you old bugger.

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