Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Much Ado

Shanne, Gina, Emily and me have just done interviews for Bass Magazine about playing bass, as a spinoff from Gina's track I Play the Bass LOUD. That's a turn-up for the books and very much a reflection of Jane's imagination- thank you!
Slowly, the 7" single is materialising on the horizon too: it's got as far as talking barcodes. You certainly learn a lot when you DIY, and thankfully there is a network of musicians who all talk about where it's good to get stuff manufactured and all that jazz.
I have had to cancel the Hastings house concert at Dave's because a combination of health stuff and being stranded in Munich have meant that I have not been able to publicise it properly- it's postponed till late autumn, so the next gig is Helen and the Horns at David Gedge's thriving festival, At The Edge of the Sea at Concorde 2 in Brighton. I think it sold out quite  awhile ago, which isn't surprising because it's two days of utter joy; we are delighted to have been invited (I'm a poet and I don't know it).
After a frustrating day of trying to claim compensation (what a surprise- the Easyjet web page stalls when you try to submit a claim- what a surprise, what a surprise!) I'm having a day off before starting again. The Norwegian Airlines compensation scheme did exactly the same thing and their tech support people are angry parrots: "WE DON'T UNDERSTAND WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!". Ho hum: how silly to have lost my fear of flying, only to be stymied by budget airlines' attempts to reinstall it. No way, hosepipe! By hook or by crook, travelling is a must. After losing two months of 2018 in a fog of painkillers, I have fallen behind with booking gigs; that's another thing I will have to sit and do over the next couple of weeks.
I have an online singing session in the pipeline too. Thankfully, the enforced sojourn in Munich put paid to the hay fever that has dogged me all summer and I can sing again.
Tra la!

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