Thursday, August 09, 2018

A Walk On The Common

Extra teaching turned up this week, but that's a good thing because it means that the students will do better in their degrees, and that's a great outcome if you're a lecturer. I saw Emmy the Great in the British Library where I was doing tutorials, and she wrote down her email but I can't find where she wrote it. Somewhere in the scribbles it's hiding.

After a hectic day yesterday of correcting galley proofs for the IASPM article that seems to have taken such a long time, there wasn't enough day left to start finishing the last book chapter, Chapter Eleven that will be Chapter Ten when I've worked out (or the editor has) how to condense two chapterlets into one. Writing to strict academic conventions has a positive side effect- there are bunches of lyrics all over the place just waiting for their music to come along.
Something inside me has started dancing manically: after years of having half-finished projects wafting around like morose ghosts, everything is being finished and moving to the next stage- its especially exciting to have finished the documentary.

I made a raspberry cake, and Offsprog One and Katy came, and we ate it almost to the last crumb. Then me and Katy went for a walk in the evening sunshine, across the common and along to the Other Bit, then back home for more talking. Talking has become a real luxury. Katy is about to start recording another album and her choice of producer is rather exciting: watch this space (it's not me BTW).

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