Monday, July 02, 2018

Sunday Night

Sunday night was the launch of Drew Morrison and the Darkwood's new album, Electric-Notes Wild. A whole bunch of us were invited to play on the same bill.
It was a night of music to remember- and full of quirks, to boot.
A bird had crapped on Robert's shirt so he went to Muji to buy another one on the way to the gig, but they hadn't removed the security tag, so he did the entire gig with the tag still on his collar.
And the pedal steel player from the Tennessee Rhythm Riders took a call on his mobile in a gap between songs, much to the band's consternation. 'Love you', he said at the and of the call. Then he held the phone up and the entire audience yelled 'GOODNIGHT!' at the tops of our voices.
It was a night of listening to really good song writing and great singing- the girls done good, with Sarah Vista, Emma Scarr, Collette Winter and Lynette Morgan all singing their hearts out; it was brilliant to see women represented playing guitars and fiddle, and there was generally great showpersonship all night.
The Darkwoods album songs sounded brilliant played live. I took photos but I've posted videos so you can hear the music and get more of a feel of what it felt like to be there.
Great to see Peter Tainsh and the trusty camera (there will be great photos), to meet and talk to the other musicians, and to see Jim Morrison and his partner Anne again. He plays fiddle for the Tennessee Rhythm Riders and was the only one not wearing a mega-hyper-cowboy shirt, which led to a few quips from the band. And great to play, as well: looking forward to playing at Sarah's club later in the year.
Thank you for inviting me along Drew: what an atmosphere!
In the tube station at Leicester Square, an opera singer was singing My Way at the top of his voice. Lots of people had stopped to hear him.
That's the musician's mantra, isn't it? I felt rather emotional.

Mandolin Jack

then me

then Ian Button (Solo)

then Robert Rotifer (singing auf Englisch, though)

then The Devout Sceptics

then Sarah Vista and Jeff Mead

then Black Scarr

then Drew Morrison and the Darkwood (and this is their entire album set from last night)

then The Tennessee Rhythm Riders

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