Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Finishing Writing

The end is in sight for the book on women producers and engineers- I think the first draft of it will be finished next week. All day yesterday I was writing, from 7.30 a.m. onwards with the occasional break so Offsprog One could scan and finish her next issue of Hidden Eggs. It helped to have someone else grafting downstairs while I was grafting upstairs.
It's quite possible that the documentary will be finished next week too.
How strange it will be- a book in the pipeline for eight years, and a film for three... life might become normal again, and I might be able to concentrate a bit more on music.
Going away to the conference was a big boost. Where else than Porto could you chat to someone like Christine Feldman-Barrett, who travels from Australia? Or Mary Fogarty, who used to teach dance at the University of the East, and who now lives in Canada?
I feel a bit like a fish swimming through a sea of life, just exploring different things and trying to adapt to everything as it changes. There is not a big plan, just a big sea. I have not been very good at swimming away from dangerous creatures in the past, but maybe that is something I'll get better at; it has always seemed better to swim towards new experiences, rather than away from bad ones.
Enough metaphors!
Why aren't there any crisps in the house when you want them?


RichardG said...

"grafting" that was a good one - I had to look it up. I always enjoy reading your blog.

Helen McCookerybook said...

Thank you! I hope you introduce the word into your vocabulary :)