Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Pursued by Writing

Tossing and turning last night, I gave up and came downstairs to do more writing. Just before two, sleep overcame me and I went back to bed.
I have almost finished; the ferocious referee may not be appeased by the re-write, but I've got an 'It's finished' feeling and I just have to check the style and the bibliography tomorrow and then it's off to the journal to be accepted or rejected as they see fit.
Despite the fog of lack of sleep, most of today has been spent recording vocals and guitar for a song of Stuart Moxham's which has been whizzing around my brain whenever I'm not actively working on it. He definitely has a way with a tune.
These are strange times, in a no-man's-land of emotions, buried under huge pit-heaps of work. I can't wait to get on the road again next week and nor can my guitar. Hello clouds, hello sky, hello Scotland, and hello Geordieland!

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