Friday, February 02, 2018

Working and Sleeping

January was working and sleeping, and the first weekend of February is going to be the same.
It's Scaledown tonight, and that's a big thing to miss!
The editor from Equinox, Dave Laing, was in London today, and we met to have a bookish discussion. He recommended the book Under My Thumb: songs that hate women and the women who love them (edited by Rhian Jones and Eli Davies), so Chomsky is relegated to the waiting pile (bloody depressing, anyway), while I get stuck into reading about (some even more depressing) sexism.
Pots and pans and rock'n'roll: you do the housework, while I sit and write a song about how lovely you look while you're doing the housework, baby.

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Cazz Blase said...

We reviewed this book recently over on The F-Word:

I haven't read it but Jo did a good piece on it.