Monday, February 05, 2018

NHS March

We care about you, NHS staff who are so busy that they have no idea how much public support they have- and there is virtually no reporting of these marches.
Ironically, as I was noting on my phone the very funny quip that Offsprog One made about a particularly impassioned chap with a megaphone, I slipped on the road and broke my elbow. I didn't realise what had happened at the time.
This is how I know how little public appreciation gets through to the nurses, doctors, anaesthetists, cleaners, porters and everyone else who works in our hospitals and other National Health facilities.
I have wires in my elbow, and its hugely frustrating not to be able to play my guitars at the moment. But within the space of hours and with the utmost respect and courtesy I've been operated on, patched up and painkilled.
Staff at the hospital said thank you to the 60,000 people who marched in their support on Saturday. The government don't care, do they? It's been a Tory project ever since Thatcher to get rid of the NHS. The whole idea of completely egalitarian treatment for everyone from a street person to a duchess, regardless of status or income, just sticks in the Tory craw. We mustn't let this be taken from us!
It is actually a comical thing to have happened in the end, if a trifle painful and inconvenient!

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