Friday, June 09, 2017

Heading North!

Suddenly small symbols have become very important.
Buddie, my paternal grandmother, was a talented concert pianist; as the eldest of gazillion children, she was never able to fulfil her potential and lost her sight just at the point where she could have blossomed in later life.
I wish I had her feather-light touch and her instinct for making those little dots on the page into beautiful, airy music. I haven't- but I have the chance to travel and play music with a sense of freedom far beyond that of the women of her generation.
I am wearing her wedding ring on a chain round my neck. I'm taking her with me this weekend: to Hull, to Newbiggin-by-the-Sea, and to Congleton. She will come to Barnsley, Brighton, Tynemouth, Leicester, Ramsgate and beyond. I hope even to Glasgow, eventually, where she was born.

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A (Tolpuddle) Martyr said...

You should have titled your latest Blog "Heading South" as did the Tolpuddle Martyrs!