Monday, May 01, 2017

Friday 12th May, Jamboree, London

Blimey, that's coming round fast! I went to Jamboree on Saturday to see Karen Yarnell's band Oysland, who were launching their album- great to see Karen playing spoons in a Kletzmer band. It's an amazing venue, like something out of Terry Gilliam's Baron Munchausen film, which I think is one of my favourite films ever especially because of the bits where he ran out of money and you can tell he had to use his ingenuity to be able to finish it.
Anyway- I will be playing a set, and so will The Charlie Tipper Conspiracy, who invited me to sing a version of the Velvet Underground's Femme Fatale just before Christmas, to raise money for Refugee Aid. We will be selling copies on the night, and playing it of course which we have never done live. That will be a challenge. I will also have my new album and lyric book to sell to people who buy the Femme Fatale single (ahem). Londoners, or near-Londoners, come along! You know it makes sense!
Here is the ticket link; I'm sorry I no longer look so young, but you know.... time marches on.

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