Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Watching Time Fly

Yesterday I recorded the vocal for a song on Lester Square's forthcoming album of political instrumentals (all apart from the song wot I sung, of course).
Lester gave me a preview and I really enjoyed the Trump elevator song in particular, which had a definite Willy Wonka feel to it (morally as well as sonically), and another track which I could only describe as a load of other songs all put into a cement mixer, which was a compliment and I hope was taken as one.
He's just sent me a mix of the song and it's sounding really good. I have been flanged and double tracked, but have survived to tell the tale of landscapes and humans passing through time.
In my head part of it harks back to doing a primary school children's songwriting project where we were meant to be writing glorious military songs inspired by the RAF Museum at Hendon, but the children were fascinated by the idea of being up in the air and looking down on tiny people and whole mountains and marvelling at them, rather than bombing them.
I felt so proud of them for being natural pacifists.

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A Helper said...

This sort of thing get's taught at The Rainbow Club (Dollis Valley) send your kids there!