Sunday, March 12, 2017

What A Week That Was: Imogen Heap and Horses

And Friday afternoon I went to hear Imogen Heap talk (and demonstrate the musical gloves) near Old Street. She is fascinating- full of ideas for the next thing, and the thing after that, and the thing after that too. I left with my head buzzing and a wish to interview he,r although she is surrounded by a wall of protection, probably because everyone want to interview her. But I will try.
And today I went out to buy teabags and saw three horses, two carts and several people head past the end of the street. When I got to the main road, one of the chaps was tying his horse to a lamp-post.
'Whadya want?' yelled one of the others. 'A pint mate!'.
They were going to the pub.

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