Tuesday, March 07, 2017

Was It A Dream, Or Was It Real?

I got on the bus with a microphone stand and a bag full of tech-y things and went to Cricklewood this morning. Two buses, actually.
There I met a student sound engineer, and we hung about in the car park at B&Q where there were a bunch of film shoot trailers; at 12, I got a text and we met Nadine outside her trailer. Within 5 minutes we were set up and in between the screams of passing trains, recording a short patois section in Shola's song about bears.
After fifteen minutes we were done, packed up and having a cup of tea. A little field recording in Logic Audio, and I didn't even leave my computer on the bus! How extraordinary.
Afterwards, the engineer admitted that she'd been bricking it the whole way through.
'Me too', I replied.

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