Monday, February 06, 2017


I think Karina at work might have solved the recording problem. I was too tired when I got in this evening to try it out, but I'll have a go at it tomoz morning. I have my fingers crossed; I'm glad I didn't  trash the recording equipment in a huff. I'm feeling optimistic, which is way better than feeling mad with techno-frustration. In fact, I'm looking forward to getting up tomorrow morning.
There was a productive lyrics workshop earlier today, in which the students wrote a lovely song in an hour. It was quite laid back, but on a Monday morning that's only to be expected.
It made me remember one time when I was stuck for an idea to set the ball rolling in one of these sessions, so I decided to ask each person who came in to the room what animal they were.
Every single male student was a lion, even the quiet and placid men; the one female student was a monkey. They ended up writing a story about a monkey trapped up a tree that was surrounded by hungry lions pacing around underneath it. The monkey had to use its ingenuity to escape, and it asked the lions 'Which one of you is going to take the first bite out of me?'.
Being competitive, they started to argue, and as the argument became more and more heated, the lions stopped pacing around, and started to scrap. Quick as lightning, the monkey slid down the tree and escaped, leaving the hungry lions still fighting underneath it.

I had bought a packet of Jammie Dodgers today for the students to get their teeth stuck into, but I forgot to get them out of my bag so I had to eat them myself instead.

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