Saturday, February 11, 2017

An Evening With Hoxton Radio

On one of the coldest evenings of the winter, Hoxton Radio was set up for their outside broadcast at Old Spitalfields Market. There were still shoppers about, and workers on their way home who clustered around the tall heaters to absorb some warmth while they watched and listened.
Michael Sebastian was playing his Stratocaster in his coat when I got there, his fluid improvisations ringing across the market and adding to the atmosphere. People warmed their hands on coffee cups, or sipped wine to warm their bodies, but still managed to raise a loud applause for him at the end of his set.
This was the first time I've ever been able to see my breath while I was singing; like a dragon, steam poured out of my mouth when I sang, and luckily my fingers didn't seize up till the last song. The upbeat mood of the Hoxton Radio team really helped and the sound guy was great. Offsprog one borrowed a fiver off me to buy a beret to keep her head warm and then was happy to eat chips and take photos. We loved the stylish little girl who danced along (I want one at every gig now).
Hats and Scarves, hats and scarves and gloves, and a lot of smiles. A salsa class followed but I was too stiff with cold to join in and I'd also walked eight miles around London doing various different errands, so it really was time to go home and read a good detective novel.
I did love it though. These events happen every two weeks- live music on Fridays in the market- so follow @hoxtonradio if you fancy going along.
Impressed by the matching mohair jumper and speakers? I hope so.

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