Thursday, January 05, 2017


Not words; that's going to happen on Saturday.
Today's editing was music: the Women of the World track.
It took almost all day. It's a ProTools project where we used the Decca setting on the drums, and replaced the bass guitar track with a more fluid and 'performed' one that has a nice, warm sound. The guitar needed to be edited in a couple of places; I'd been thinking of replacing the Spanish with a steel-stringed but actually it sounded great the way it was (ambience recorded in a huge room with a wooden floor can't be beaten). Even the guide vocal's not bad, but I will try to do better.
The icing on the cake was the choir. We flew in some tracks that had been sent from afar, spread the 'wind' harmonies hard left and right with a nice plate reverb, and moved the chorus harmonies slightly closer to the centre with a subtle reverb that means you can hear the characters of people's voices really distinctly. Oh choir, you really sound so lovely!
The trumpet's going to have to be added later but I'm contented, tired and looking forward to more editing, and singing, tomorrow.


Wilky of St Albans said...

Oh how I long for the days of recording straight onto a wax cylinder.....

I also remember the Musicians Union (does it still exist?) getting all up-in-arms about the Mellotron putting 'real' musicians out of a job

It used to be green fields round here when I was a boy.......

Helen McCookerybook said...

This is actually made of wax Wilky, melted into coloured shapes.
On this recording the coloured sections consist of real drums, real bass, real guitar and two tracks of a fourteen-piece real choir.
No fakery and no mellotrons!
And yes, the MU still exists, and I'm still a member.

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