Monday, January 02, 2017

At The End Of The Day

Actually, in the afternoon. It was so gorgeous outside that I couldn't resist going to Camden and taking a walk along the canal. I photographed some interesting graffiti but it won't send to the computer at the moment, but here are some bicycles at rest, a strange bird chimney on a barge and a lovely, lovely vista down the canal towards King's Cross.
It was cold, but beautiful.
When I got back I spent four hours double checking the referencing for this article. I've still got loads more to do: finding out some page numbers, working out the way to cite web sources in-text using the Chicago referencing system (or a similar type, anyway), and then reading it through a couple of times and doing some final editing and fine tuning. That will probably take four hours. Then I have to hope that it gets accepted in its amended form- I've almost completely rewritten it. I've tried to find out where to source sales figures percentages for pop music consumption by age and gender but all I can find is pay sites. Grr. That's a mini-project in itself which can also tax my brain tomorrow, and the next day I will finish a song that I've been working on with Lester Square and do a bit more recording, which will be a much-appreciated luxury.
Plus some drawing- I'm looking forward very much to that day.

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