Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Song Writing and Skating

After deciding not to play my new song on Saturday's News Agents Resonance show with Jude and Kath (we were discussing songs with political lyrics and it is one of those), I've been playing guitar all week. I am spending a day in the studio on Saturday to see what my songs sound like. I have enough for an album, but are there enough good ones for an album? I was going to work out the BPMs for each one because it's so easy to play them too fast (nerves) or two slow (overcoming nerves) when you're recording. But the batteries have gone in my BPM machine and I went out to get more, forgot, and bought a box of cereal instead: the need was more immediate.
I am painfully close to finishing the chapter that I've been writing for about three months and which has taken roughly 40 hours so far to get right. I was stuck and couldn't find the key to it all then I read a book about the cross-dressing music hall artist Vesta Tilley, who only makes a very brief appearance but whose life shone a light on the whole thing. Female androgyny and cross dressing are not new: we were brought up on Peter Pan, and even in straight theatre there are 'breeches roles' for women.
Two more days (!) and I'll be there, ready to put it into house style.
You get paid nothing for writing academic articles, books and chapters but it sure as heck sharpens up your writing skills. One day I will write a detective novel (or two) but until then I have too much energy.
I have a plan to go roller skating tomorrow. In fact, I have had a plan to go roller skating ever since I bought a pair of yellow, red and blue skates for a tenner in a second-hand shop in November last year, but it's been too dismal and wet. There is a three-hour meeting at work in the afternoon and I reckon a bit of a whizz about will get rid of surplus energy and stop me from fidgeting too much!


Wilky of St Albans said...

Batteries?? BPM machine?? What's wrong with a good old fashioned wind-up metronome??

Helen McCookerybook said...

Unfortunately, I've lost the key to the metronome

Wilky of St Albans said...

what are you like!!!