Thursday, March 17, 2016

Joe Corré: A Rich Man Burns His Things

Lucky old Joe Corre having £5 million quids-worth of punk memorabilia, and presumably another £5 million quid to buffer him after he's incinerated it all.
The KLF burned a million pounds years ago, so the gesture is second-hand anyway; and if your idea of punk begins and ends with the Sex Pistols, well ring-a-ding-ding!
Maybe he's cross that he hasn't been asked to take part in the 40 years celebrations, but he was actually a baby at the time, so what does he know? Perhaps he's stamping his little footy because his childhood was overshadowed by it all, which I suppose would be understandable. Burning those treasures might be a fight back against his parents, and a breaking of the umbilical cord at last.

He doesn't have to come along to the events that I'm taking part in (10th June, 10th July and one before then); that's OK. The Queen hasn't given them her seal of approval, either.
Back then I couldn't afford any of the Seditionaries stuff because I was unemployed at the time, and I decided that I would feel a bit silly wearing it anyway.
It was bloody expensive and you had to be mates with Viv and Malc to get a discount, and I wasn't because I lived in Brighton; and branding has always been branding, and I didn't want to walk round in clothes that said 'I'm a rich poseur', which got me into a physical fight back in the day.
Go Joe, go! I won't be there, but I might be able to inhale a little of the millionaire's fragrant smoke from my eyrie in High Barnet, just up the hill from Camden Town.

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Wilky of St Albans said...

I always found Malcolm McLaren to be a bit of an opportunist fraud to be honest. Even at the time the Kings Road was still somewhat posh. Could never take him seriously. The whole idea of buying punk clothes seems wrong somehow - wasn't wearing your normal stuff until it fell to bits statement enough? Top Shop punks etc. Thankfully I was into Jazz by then....

Burning 5 million quids worth of stuff will go down well with anyone on benefits. Always good to let people go hungry just so you can make a protest I say

Whats all this about 4 horses getting arrested on Barnet High Street?